Tuesday, July 24, 2012

An Open Door Bare Your Boobs Policy?

QUESTION! What is proper boob etiquette in a locker room? My initial gut feeling is save the boobies for the bedroom ladies! Check out my piece below, your man might even like this one...


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  1. I'm totally fine with locker room nudity. Probably because from grades 6 through 12 students at my schools were required to take group showers in gym class, so I've seen as many girl parts as an OB/GYN. It's a good thing that I am comfortable with locker room nudity. Every Monday night my 13 year old daughter and myself go swimming at the local high schools pool with several of my daughters friends and their moms. You've never seen a group of people who are more comfortable with being naked in locker rooms!
    My daughter and I are the only ones from the group that don't spend virtually the entire time completely nude. We are willing to shower in the nude in the open showers with the others, but we at least wear a towel the rest of the time. All of my daughters friends and their moms even do their hair and makeup standing there completely nude in the mirror, and stand around talking completely in the buff.

    You'd be shocked if you saw how much these women and girls are CONSTANTLY fully naked in the locker room!